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Ferret Personality

Ferret Personality is an online amusement business recruiting app subscription that allows you to craft and combine an application, and a quick personality assessment with an employment application and a report that suggests the best position for them to use their natural personality to excel and be productive in the amusement industry.

BU Online Party Team Training Modules

“It’s like having Frank Price at your location 24/7” The number of failures of high-quality experiences are the inconsistencies, interpretations, and or indifferences of the human performance. The number one frustration of a young workforce is lack of proper training at the start, not enough time to practice, poor follow-up coaching, feedback or ongoing improvement. 

Front-line Guest Experience Training Online Tool

Authentic, real, day to day living of a guest experience centered business will become the true differentiator and critical element for survival and prosperity of your business, post pandemic. It will be the one constant that will motivate consumers to return as well as justify the new definition of value.

Birthday university next steps

Put everything you’ve just learned into action.  Take the “Next Steps”.  Craft your new party program by taking the next steps, customizing and writing your very own program unique to you. Pick and choose the steps you need assistance with to get you through the process.

FL Price New Opening Party Team Training

Birthday Parties, Adult Events and Holiday Events

The intangible elements of your Amusement businesses key revenue centers, like birthday parties, group, adult and holiday events can be optimized when they are human interactive, engaging and personalized.  Traditional, outdated concepts minus a unique delivery, blend with all the other family entertainment options competing for the same level of value.  FL Price will uncover your best practices or ideas, define and write custom process training manuals and then train your team how to lift your parties and events above all the others in your market, based on the unique way you do them.

Upcoming Birthday University Workshops

Raleigh, NC

June 22-23, 2022

Birthday University Master’s Degree Program
June, 2022. $399 for the first Student
$200 per additional person.

Hilton Garden Inn – Cary
131 Columbus Ave, Cary, NC 27518
(919) 377-0440

If you have more than three students you would like to enroll,
please call (919) 387-1966.

Chicago, IL

Dates to be announced.

Birthday University Master’s Degree Program
$399 for the first Student
$200 per additional person.


If you have more than three students you would like to enroll,
please call (919) 387-1966.

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