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Remarkable Parties & Groups 2022 and beyond

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Remarkable Parties & Groups 2022 and beyond

Programming in the Family Entertainment Industry is a key reason why guests return more often. They create loyalty and build long-term growth and profitability after the “Novelty” of a new business wears off. Lack of programming is the Achilles heel of some and the reason why many fail.

Frank Price founder of Birthday University will lend you his 25 years of experience to discover the ingredients of developing a profitable party and group events program, from the start. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference between unique program offerings and those that blend with the competition. We’ll look at commercial birthday program history, what worked, what has not, as well as a look at the future, population, social interaction, and value perception trends. Learn how to separate your adult group offerings from your competitors and continually grow, by elevating beyond your attraction(s) and food and beverage as the only reason why they choose your program. Start your business on track for long term health and prosperity and or evolve your parties and groups, before it’s too late.

When and Where: after the conclusion of Foundations Entertainment University (1pm – 4pm)

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