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POP UP Webinars

Pop Up webinars are a variety of 45-minute industry related topics presented by Frank Price of FL Price / Birthday University. They are designed to give Owners. Managers and Supervisors actionable information to understand and coaching to move business in a positive direction. They are best practices, most common mistakes, new trends and fresh, relevant tactics for elevating your current way of doing business in the amusement industry.  Topic categories include, guest experience, hiring personality tactics, party and group programing and leadership.

  1. Relevant Party rooms for 2021 party concepts
  2. Party Programs – What’s working and What’s not
  3. Post pandemic party programs
  4. Party Program Marketing
  5. Selling Parties without discounting
  6. Marketing & Recruiting – your pics and vids sell it
  7. New Party Revenue Centers for 2021
  8. Mobile Parties & Events
  9. Party Packages for 2021 and beyond
  10. Booking More Parties, but not too many
  11. The Christmas Pop Up Event
  12. Selling Groups by Sampling
  13. Post Pandemic Recruiting & Hiring
  14. Hiring Personalities That Fit
  15. The Audition Selection Process
  16. The “Jedi” Supervisor
  17. Gen Z Training Technic
  18. Ongoing Training is the Key to Productive Employees
  19. Retaining Your Perfect Team
  20. Relevant FEC Leadership
  21. Culture Development
  22. Understanding and developing Party culture
  23. Developing your why message
  24. New Family Value definition
  25. The Power of The Performance Agreement
  26. Guest Experience Journey Paths
  27. Guest Experience 101
  28. Guest Engagement & Emotional Connection 
  29. Front Line Engagement
  30. The “People” Attraction
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