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Module 8

Party Room Design

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Party Room Design

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Open party room settings with multiple parties going on at the same time are a business model of the past.  They still appeal to the lower ends of the market and typify a low cost, high volume party program. As the middle-income market continues to compress downward, the smaller upper end of the market is still spending, but demanding a greater experience.  Now more than ever, open party rooms will not work, unless your desire is to compete with similar competitors offering a low price and low experience, to a market that does not have the spendable income.

The ability to control the ambience, sound, sight, light and personalized music, as well as create a more private, personalized memorable experiences are necessary to attract the more sophisticated consumer   Smart TVs with a sound bar and web cams allow you to play all kinds of app games, stream personalized music and video, as well as opportunities for future marketing and training.  This technology is very familiar with young families and when facilitated into a group game app or personalized music, you have elevated the value of your party or event in a very low cost way.

Form must follow function.   The design of your birthday party facilities should align with your core business design, theme story line, attractions base, personal preference, type of parties you offer and for whom the spaces will be used the majority of the time.  Having the luxury of designing your facility from the ground up allows your party room(s) to have optimal both form and function.  Party room interiors are historically the first place, new owners cut when over budget.  Typically they are designed for the minority use, from the operationally misunderstood perspective of the architect or copied from another like business who looks like they know what they are doing.  All are problematic, usually need to be redone and cause continual operational frustrations because owners do not want to reinvest.  The irony is that their look and feel is one of the most important value justifications for party Moms.

The more senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch) that you stimulate positively when designing your party rooms, the more memorable it will be.  When developing party rooms and designing environments, what guests see, hear, smell, touch and taste will all contribute to an ultimate festive and memorable experience.  Here’s why.  Whenever folks enter into your party room the perception of their level of experience is driven by everything that bombards their five senses. This perception is their reality. Even the smallest little details are registered. The culmination of all this sensory stimulation shapes their memory of the whole party experience, whether it’s great, average or poor. The more positive appeal to the senses the greater the experience.

Design your party room(s) from the prospective of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. At first think of each separately, and then start to combine the senses to see how each affects the whole. Be careful not to overdo any one sense to the point of being obnoxious. The subconscious mind is like a sophisticated radar system, it picks up even the subtlest cues.

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