Birthday University

Module 2

Creating Profitable Party Packages

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Party/Event Staging Concept

  • Staging Concept White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/video Presentation with pics
  • Staging resource sheet
  • Staging activities and games directions manual
  • Digital Staging Games

Party Staging area is a space, a table or an area for kids and adults to gather while they wait for others in the party to arrive.  It can be located in your lobby, party central area or near your party rooms.  The goal of our staging area is to eliminate boredom and parental frustration.  It keeps guests engaged and having fun while they are waiting for the other guests to arrive.

To optimize party room inventory, each room should be allocated for the party celebration segment and turned every hour.  You can not stage your parties in your party rooms, without a reduction in the number or parties and number of prime time parties, causing awkward, boring, and or chaotic downtime, You will need one staging area for every four party rooms.

The staging area is where the birthday family and guests are welcomed, a check and balance on the party booking is done, coats and presents collected, name tags made and interaction with both adults and children will begin to set the party mood. While organizing the group and ensuring all the pre-party staging responsibilities are performed, valuable information regarding the expectations and needs of the parent and personal favorites of the birthday child can be discovered.  Once this information is gathered, the party host can plan out unique features and personalized activities that integrate into the games or attractions.  

Staging story

While waiting for everyone to arrive, guests are directed to the staging.  Their energy needs the creative release found in a black and white T-Shirt stretched tightly across a rigid form sitting on a short table.  Before long everyone is on their knees, working together coloring the shirt with vivid fabric markers for the birthday child.  Just before the party begins everyone signs the shirt.  The birthday child will wear this multi-colored masterpiece during the party confirming to everyone that they are the “star” of the show.  This special attention and proud feeling as the center of attention are written all over their face.  This huge smile is the first of many they’ll show off before the day is over because of the special things the Party Team has arranged for them.

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