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FL Price On-Site Birthday Parties, Adult Events and Holiday Events

The intangible elements of key revenue centers, like birthday parties, group, adult, and holiday events can be optimized when they are human interactive, engaging and personalized.  Traditional, outdated concepts minus a unique delivery, blend with all the other family entertainment options competing for the same level of defined value.  FL Price will uncover your best practices, then enhance and add party child-centric party concepts,  write custom process training materials and then train your party team how to lift your parties and events above all the others in your market, based on the unique way you do them.

The goal: Create an emotionally connected birthday and event program experience, to express the uniqueness of your brand and meet current and future family trends of a more sophisticated, value-added seeking consumer, for a long term, sustainable growth & profitability 

  • Create/train unique and more memorable events.
  • Correct party package structure/price model
  • Enhance the peak/end party /group experience
  • Eliminate parental and employee frustration and friction points
  • Add human engagement, for kids and adults as well as birthday child “envy”. 
  • Add entertainment and facilitate emotional interaction, especially in the party room.

FL Price will take the information gathered in the discovery phase and write customized party operations/training content.  (Performance agreement, journey paths)

  • Traditional Party (ages 4yrs -10yrs)
  • Tween/teen Party (ages 11yrs -16 years)
  • Large Gathering Family Celebration Party (ages 1yr-3yrs)
  • Customized Party Admin and party booking manual

Holiday Events Program

  • Company holiday theme parties that include families
  • General public holiday events
  • Adult / Corporate / Millennial party template

Additional Reference Manuals

  • Party Celebration Room Games Manual (pdf versions)
  • Party Magic Manual/ video and Scripts (pdf versions)
  • Party Resources (pdf)
  • Party Marketing Manual (pdf)

Party/Events Team Training 20 Hours

Training Style: Lecture, live demonstration, role play, and practice training

Installation Training (2.5 days on-site – 20 training hours on site)

  • Management/marketing / party supervisors/train the future trainer training (3 hours)
  • Party marketing/booking agent training –  (2 hours)
  • Holiday events and facilitator training (3 hours)
  • Opening party team training – two evening sessions (total 9 hours)
  • Party team practice training (3 hours)

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Raleigh, NC

June 22-23, 2022

Birthday University Master’s Degree Program
June, 2022. $399 for the first Student
$200 per additional person.

Hilton Garden Inn – Cary
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If you have more than three students you would like to enroll,
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Chicago, IL

Dates to be announced.

Birthday University Master’s Degree Program
$399 for the first Student
$200 per additional person.


If you have more than three students you would like to enroll,
please call (919) 387-1966.

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