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Ferret Personality

Ferreting out the best personalities for fun businesses.

Ferret Personality

Ferret Personality is an online amusement business recruiting app that allows you to craft and combine an application, a quick personality assessment with a report that suggests the best position for them to use their natural personality to excel and be productive.

The current disillusioned workforce, a young generation with new values emerging, the lowest, then highest unemployment rates in memory, a smarter, more selective young worker are all disrupting the employee hiring landscape and making it extremely difficult to maintain a productive team.   If you are using outdated or irrelevant recruiting and hiring technics, then you are likely caught in an endless loop of management frustration and employee turnover.

Recruiting young workers with great attitudes, smiles, energy, enthusiasm and personality has been a daunting task.   Yet it sets your business offering apart; by having the right people in place to make the experience more memorable and give guests a reason to return.  They justify the new value definition for a more sophisticated consumer and the secret ingredient to achieve a more desirable, intangible, value-added experience.  Your front line is the single most important, yet most neglected asset in determining satisfaction, engagement and the reason to return. 

*new to Ferret – The Video application sift.  Receive a 60-90 second “Velfie” from young applicants as the first sift, before they even fill out an application.  Learn more or give it a try

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