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Module 6

Training Party Hosts

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Training Party Hosts

  • Training Party Host System
  • Fluency training
  • Role play training

Training Party Hosts … The Next Generation
The next party host generation market for entertainment centers is Generation Z. They are approximately 21 years old and younger. Generation Z is the most highly technical generation to hit the workforce. They grew up with touch-screens and they have never lived without the internet and social media. Like all prior evolving generations, you don’t have to like their differences or agree with them, but you do need to align with them to lead, motivate and get the productivity your business needs to be successful.

This generation is self-motivated, technology savvy, entrepreneurial and more mature for their age than the millennial generation. This makes the goal and growth driven, independent, loyal with a
high desire to work if the work has meaning and is purposeful. Understanding their way of thinking
will help you train and keep them.

  • Gen Z will communicate visually
  • Gen Z values face-to-face communication
  • Gen Z wants to learn
  • Gen Z craves security
  • Perks do not impress gen Z, they want real meaning and authentic relationships.
  • Gen Z desires a mutual respect from their superiors and co-workers

How to Train a generation with an attention span of 8 seconds

  • Your party host will learn best through their digital mobile devices.
  • Follow their social media trends and mimic them with your learning content, make sure it’s
    relevant and in bite-sized portions.
  • Go visual; they prefer images, icons, and symbols.
  • Incorporate games and story-based games around and on their mobile devices.
  • Include scenarios, simulations and online digital links to video and mini-webinars.
  • They are independent learners and would rather take on a learning challenge alone than be
    held up by a group. (the opposite the Millennial generation)
  • Keep the content fun, engaging and fast-paced. (YouTube / iMovie “organic” quality video)
  • They like to learn, but the learning has to have a purpose and be meaningful

Module 4-6 Bundle

  • The Performance Agreement Module
  • Party Host Recruiting/Hiring Great Personality Module
  • Training Party Hosts Module
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