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Birthday University
2 Day Program

Birthday University is a national touring educational (workshop), whose sole focus has been to educate family-oriented enterprises on the business of producing memorable and profitable birthday parties. The class has been reformatted into a two-day workshop and includes guest appearances from some of the most seasoned veteran speakers and operators in the industry. 

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Birthday University
Virtual Master’s Degree

The BU Virtual Master’s Degree class is the online version of the Live 2-day Birthday University, with all the same topics covered.  For those unable to travel, the live virtual program is perfect and allows you to get access to the same information and education as those that do.

Remarkable Parties
& Groups 2021 and beyond

Programming in the Family Entertainment Industry is a key reason why guests return more often. They create loyalty and build long-term growth and profitability after the “Novelty” of a new business wears off. Lack of programming is the Achilles heel of some and the reason why many fail.

POP-UP Webinars

Pop Up webinars are a variety of 45-minute industry related topics presented by Frank Price of FL Price / Birthday University. They are designed to give Owners. Managers and Supervisors actionable information to understand and coaching to move business in a positive direction. They are best practices, most common mistakes, new trends, and fresh, relevant tactics for elevating your current way of doing business in the amusement industry.

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