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Module 5

Party Host Recruiting/Hiring Great Personality

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Party Host Recruiting/Hiring Great Personality

  • Hiring Personality White sheet
  • Recruiting Plan
  • Ads and Posting Template examples
  • The Tryout Concept Process Manual
  • Tryout games and activities
  • Tryout music list – supply resources
  • Recruiting invitations and letter

As Jim Collins points out (in his bestseller Good To Great) great companies, those having the largest returns over the longest periods of time, have a constant feeder process of developing the leaders and employees of the future.  Growing great people is a mark of a great company and great leaders.  Businesses that focus on people differentiate and outperform those who do not.  The perfect team is for owners who are looking to make a difference in the lives of their employees and their guests.  

Personality, diversity, balance and the correct placement in management, sales, marketing and front-line employee teams, create synergy, creativity, productivity, overall satisfaction, and meaning, as well as the most profitable end results.  Natural leadership and front-line employees who’s natural temperament is in direct alignment with their job role, has clear expectations of performance and the proper training, are the ingredients for long-term sustainable growth and profit.   Most importantly it makes your life easier.

Old school organizations that recruit and hire with one or two people have hiring tunnel vision and are likely to be limited to a mirror image of them.  They may or may not be the right fit.  Those that impulse hire without a proper system, due to higher turnover, lack of time or use one of the many excuses repeated by below average leadership, end up with a random mix of misfits and a below average employee team, delivering a below average overall experience.  Balancing the strengths and weaknesses of leadership and getting front-line employees in the roles that fit their natural personalities are the key ingredients for building the perfect team.   

Once you know the personality characteristics you are searching for, the best way to get the word out is community networking.  Networking with key people who are in places your personality target audience congregates.   All postings or advertisement should contain language that draws the specific personalities you desire.

A tryout/audition group interview is a sifting process that uncovers applicants personality.  It should be run continually to create a labor pool to draw, even if when there are no current openings.  The type of tryout/audition activities can depend on the group size, facility, and desired outcome.  Set up group games and team building activities in a fun format.   Ease them into more courageous activities to let their true personality emerge.  The Philosopher Plato said, “I can learn more about a man while playing one game than I can in a year-long conversation.”   Keep it fun, organized and simple.

The goal of your hiring process is for it to become a continual and never-ending process, which remains active even if you do not have any openings.   In order for you to continue to maintain a high-quality team, your decisions must not be reactive, based on need.  The Diamonds only appear if you are always looking, because you never know when they are looking.

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