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Module 3

Party Host Training Modules – Price individually or bundled (see below)

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Making it personal

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Training Manual
    • Process Manual (4-page manual)
    • Sample Personal interactions white sheet
  • Staging questions / pre-party call scripts (electronic download)

The idea of customizing your birthday parties in a personal way elevates the overall experience, allow you to connect emotionally and enable you to stand above and beyond your competition.  Today’s family measures value through unique experiences, tailored to their individual desires and needs.  In order for this to occur you must uncover personal information before the party and use this information to create a more unique party, just for that individual.  It enables your team to customize the party to the party parent’s needs and provides adult guests with something that engages them as well. 

Personalizing the experience adds back the “TLC” as well.  It adds emotional value and creates a unique selling proposition that’s hard to copy.   The difference between sustaining commercial birthday businesses is not the physical environment, play attractions or theme.  It is not difficult to open a facility and let the short-lived wow of new attractions “be the party”.   A more meaningful, and unique presentation happens when there’s interaction and relationships are developed that are personal.  The human interaction makes each experience uniquely different and special.   It creates birthday child envy, as the birthday child is the center of attention, feeling special as the VIP of the day.  These personal experiences, when memorable, turn into the story that gets told over and over and effectively markets your party program.

Uncovering personal information, likes, dislikes and desires can happen before the party date with a pre-party call or on the party day during pre-party staging.  Party hosts can do a check & balance on the party booking, as well as uncover information, regarding expectations, needs of the parent and personal favorites of the birthday child.  Once this information is obtained, the party host can plan unique features and personalized activities to integrate into the attractions and party room games.  

The result, an increased level of unique guest experience, personal satisfaction, increased feeling of appreciation and importance, value justification and memorable stories shared with others.  

Party Host Service Recovery

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Service Recovery Process manual
  • Teaching service recovery script
  • Service Recovery training game
  • Recovery Parameters/and continual improvement process

First order of business is to be brilliant at the basics, by mastering the tasks and service standards of your business.  Constantly show your guests that you deliver what you say as they expected, each and every time. Keeping your service promise is how you win trust, loyalty and repeat guests.

Birthday parties are pure emotion.  It’s a once a year event in the lives of families where everyone expects it to be special.  Unfortunately, in a commercial birthday business, it doesn’t always work out as intended and when something goes wrong emotions run high.   Understanding this and engineering your concept to eliminate common negative emotions from surfacing is a great start.  Inevitably something might go wrong.  How you handle it will determine the overall guest satisfaction, value justification, return business and positive word of mouth.

Inevitably service breakdowns will occur.  How they are handled will be the key to you successfully retaining a guest or sending them out into the marketplace with a negative impression of your business and becoming someone else’s customer.  Turn every complaint into an opportunity to earn a loyal guest for life.  Studies show that when a guest complains and their problem is solved or even if they perceive the process to be pleasant and the problem could not be solved, as long as they were listened to and validated, they will become a loyal guest.  

Studies show the more immediate the recovery by the individuals directly involved the greater the chance for a positive reaction and perception.  This means arming the front line party team with the proper tools, parameters and training to do so.

Cupcakes & Present Presentation

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Cupcake/present games and activities instruction
  • Supplies and Concept Resource list

Making everything a game in the party room enhances the overall party, by keeping everyone engaged in fun.  Including all the guests in the goal of making the birthday child feel special gets everyone in the action, while keeping it fun for all.

Picture a mound of cupcakes in the shape of a mini mountain, each covered in a bright white frosting, smelling freshly baked as if they were made from scratch … that’s because they were.   Interesting as why they are not decorated.  Its all part of the fun, each guest gets to top their own cupcake with candy, creating their own personal, tasty, masterpiece.  As the candles are topped on the upper cupcakes, The Party Captain jokes with how old the birthday VIP is.   Before the candles are lit the Party Captain asks how old the birthday child is and how they would like their special birthday song, sung today:   The Party Captain instructs the kids to sing happy birthday, with a  “cha, cha, cha”, as per the birthday child’s instruction.   As the crazy singing comes to an end, the birthday child’s cheeks puff up, make a wish and blows out the candles.  “Who likes candy?” They all raise their hand.  “Then I’ve got a surprise for you.” Using a bit of their own unique showmanship they perform a magic trick by making the candy appear in magic pan.  Each guest pulls out a small plastic cup, filled with colorful sweet, sour and chocolate candies.  Just before they are about to gobble ‘em up, The Party Captain enthusiastically asks “Who wants to play a game?   By the time the game of Simon Says is finished, the bright white frosting is smothered in brown and orange Reese’s pieces, random colored M&Ms and nerds.  You can almost taste that fresh baked, moist, sweet cupcake, spiked with candy as each guest sinks his or her teeth into the first mouthwatering bite.

It’s now time to open the presents.  The birthday child has patiently waited for this moment for weeks, imagining all the cool things they hoped to get.  Excited and nervous are the mixed emotions shared by all the guests.  They can’t wait to have the birthday child open up their present, yet they wonder if they’ll like it.  Leave it to the Party Captain to have a plan for exactly how to make this part of the party fun and interesting for everyone, the entire time.  “Who wants to play another game? Is announced by the party captain. They all raise their hands. ”This game is named after one of the birthday child’s favorite things to do, watch TV.  The Party Captain quickly explains.  Everyone gets into their place and participates in the action, until all the presents are open.  The Party Captain makes a point of saying something positive about each present that’s been ripped open.  Like;  “Wow, I’ve always wanted one of those when I was kid.  Where did you get it?”  This helps with the perception of each guest that his or her present was a good one.  At the same time The Party Captain has volunteered their “garbage” helpers to scoop up the wrapping paper, roll it into a ball, pass it to their friend next to them and then slam dunk it into the awaiting garbage can.  All the cards and presents go directly into a present bag to make it easy for party dad to get them to the car.  While each present and the child’s name that brought it, gets written on a gift log and given to the party parent before they leave.  

Party Host Interactions

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Training ManualProcess Manual & video
    • Process Manual (4-page manual)
    • Sample Personal interactions white sheet and script

“Mary Poppins it” Making every part of the party fun!

In the movie Mary Poppins, the world famous nanny teaches the Banks family how to find the fun in the things we do every day.  The people she introduces the children to all understand that you don’t laugh because you feel good, you feel good because you laugh.  So they laugh.  They lighten up. Mary shows how to make chores into a game.   Use this same philosophy with your parties.

“In every Job, there’s an element of fun.

Find the fun and SNAP … the jobs a game.”  Mary Poppins

The “FUN FACTOR” Formula can be uses in every aspect of your business.  Start with identifying the result you desire, and then define the actions to get you there.  The secret Mary Poppins ingredient, add in the fun factor.  Anything goes as long as it’s safe

Any activity that’s new, unique or different can add “fun” value to your party concept.  Games, puzzles, jokes, or decoding activities can be unexpected fun to the party, as well as focus the attention of the kids on a positive activity, that’s more fun than the negative energy they move towards when they are bored.

Surprising guests with unexpected fun exceeds expectations and creates personal moments, resulting in memories that are more meaningful.  These personal moments will be told over and over to everyone they know and drive word of mouth referrals.  The greater your employee involvement, the more personalized, intangible value you add to your programs.  You’ll create “attachment feelings”, of which are recorded in the subconscious, but play a crucial role in the perception of your program.  These positive feelings build emotional connections, which increases loyalty and return visits.  This especially holds true at times when family interactions are at critical moments like a birthday celebration and the “time” spent together is important, extremely scarce, and very valued.  

One of the greatest needs of all human beings and the simplest to achieve is to feel important and appreciated.  Your party team goal is to do whatever it takes to make the birthday child feel special and families to feel important.  Create birthday child envy, by surrounding them with their friends and making them the center of attention.  Parents need to feel important by being welcomed, informed, cared for, and unconditionally served.  These are the basics of building relationships with your guests.  Everyone likes to go back to places – “Where everybody knows their name”.

Interaction Story

Interaction with the children throughout the party is called planned distraction.  Party parents notice that the games actually lead the children into making the overall party a success.   Mom is the envy of all the adult guests and proud as a peacock, knowing that everything’s under control.  Every moment is focused on having fun.  Huge smiles, wide-open eyes of amazement, jaws hanging open, laughter, giggles and sounds of pure joy are heard throughout the party.   She could never have done this on her own.  

Party Team Visualization

  • Training Concept and Why White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/Video – FL Price stories
  • Script
  • Music

Birthday Memories Are Powerful!

Taking your party team through a personal journey of their own past party experiences is a powerful training application.  Anchoring strong personal emotions and memories from their own past, gives new meaning and understanding as to the power that each team member has in creating and delivering a positive or negative long-lasting birthday memory.

This module will teach you the technique of visualization and connecting emotions from past childhood experiences.   No matter how old the team member, this connection gives them a new sense of understanding, responsibility and meaning to their role in your party concept.

You’ll start by setting up the environment, teaching relaxation through body position and breathing.  Then guide them through a virtual journey through their past birthday memories, no matter how far back they go.  As you guide them through this mini-workshop, new personal revelations will emerge from the stories that are shared.  The meaning and learning application emerges as the exercise unfolds.

Party Magic / Balloon Hats

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (5 min)
  • Installing Party Host Magic and Balloon Hats white sheet
  • Balloon Hat Video (12 min)
  • Party room Magic Video (20 min)
  • Magic and Balloon Hat Resource
  • Training the signature move
  • Training Concept and Why White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/ training video
  • Install concept

“Wow” Party Guests With Unexpected Party Magic

 All birthday parties have times where something needs to be added, altered or changed to freshen, add enthusiasm and energy, as well as keep the kids engaged.   While waiting, during the transition from one activity to another, in between games or party segments, (eating, singing and opening presents) there are always times to add spice, enhance the party and make the birthday child feel special.   

Kids parties are best when they constantly evolve, change and move from one fun activity to the next.  When the party gets stagnant, they get bored.  When they get bored they will look for things that are fun to them, which usually means out of control chaos.  Hyper children bouncing off the walls, running up and down lanes, attractions or common areas, jumping on furniture creates adult anxiety and frustration.  Quiet and reserved, uninterested children and adults wondering  “When is this party going to get fun, creates boredom and dissatisfaction.  These are perfect opportunities to “WOW” folks, with unexpected entertainment.   It is easier than you think to add magic, balloon hats, jokes or stories to enhance these segments of the party.  Not only are you offering your primary attractions, food and a place to celebrate, you can also create mini shows, with unexpected entertainment, where the actors are the kids and the adults the audience.  The fun continues throughout every aspect of the party for everyone.  Party parents will be amazed at your ability to serve, entertain and keep everyone’s interest all at the same time.   

This entertainment in the party room actually solves many issues.  

  • Elevates value by creating a show for all.  The children are the actors, the birthday child is the star and the adults are the audience.
  • Creates a new level of personalized entertainment as exciting and involving as our play attractions and games.
  • It keeps the attention of all the kids at a time when they need to be more subdued and calm.
  • It allows you greater opportunities for interaction and attention to the birthday child, party mom/dad and the guests.
  • Party team will spend less time on trying to control the negative energy and more focus on “wow” with new levels of entertainment, which is directly related to the likeliness of receiving a tip…naturally.  
  • Birthday mom/dad will be pleasantly surprised with the unexpected entertainment and enjoy the interaction with the party team.  

Training the Signature Move

  • Training Concept and Why White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/ training video
  • Install Concept

The party business is a people business.  Too many owners and managers get caught up in the back offices worrying about numbers.  The numbers magically appear positive, when you’re out taking care of the people part.  Many owners, managers and front line team members lack confidence and are uncomfortable interacting with guests, because they haven’t practiced it often enough, so they avoid it all together.  Preparation and repetition are the keys to eliminating those feelings.   

The signature move is for owners, managers, ride operators, front line team members and even maintenance workers.  Anyone can enhance the guest experience by interacting on a personal level.  Each should create their very own signature move to highlight individual guests and leave a powerful impression.  Guest’s recognized by owners, top management or singled out by employees feel extra important.  Picking out the birthday child and showing off your signature move adds a deposit to the TLC (tender loving care) bank account, which are what birthday parties are all about.  Creating your own signature move allows you to interact comfortably, while increasing the … SURPRISE:  “I can’t believe they did “ALL THAT … JUST FOR US” feeling.  

Example signature moves – Pound it …Force field, Stick shift, Snail, Turkey, Stick Shift, Jelly Fish, The Three Way Jelly Fish,  Explode with Fireworks, In The Garage and The Surfer.  The Hand Hug, The Foot Five and any other interactive concept you make up.

Party Room Games

  • Training Concept and Why White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/ training video
  • Install Concept

The party room is an essential part of the birthday party experience, especially for party Moms. Making every aspect of your party fun, from everyone’s perspective creates a more memorable experience.   Playing games during the party room segment, makes it unique, keeps it interesting, interactive and fun, that’s equal to the attraction time.  The added benefit a smoother presentation, without chaos or boredom.  Being in control to orchestrate a pleasurable party room experience is extremely important to party Moms.

Pick games that you like best for each segment of the party, practice and get good at them.  These become your signature games.  Change them up often keep it fresh and interesting for the party guests who come to multiple parties and for yourself.

Improv games are excellent for parties because they have no set rules, structure winning or losing nature.  They are spontaneous, accepting, without borders and most of all fun.  Players begin to believe and trust in themselves, once they understand that there are no wrong answers.   Audience (adult guests) participation and suggestions make these activities ideal for engaging adults in the fun.  Once a suggestion is received from the audience, it becomes the driving force behind the activity.  

Present Game Story

The present component of the birthday party can be an energy let down.  Sure the party child is excited and the child who’s present is being opened is engaged, but others will lose interest as they are not involved.  Playing a game keeps everyone engaged.  The Party Host informs guests that, “Because it‘s such a special day, we’re going to play one of my favorite games, called DVR remote because our birthday VIP loves to watch videos.  Everyone gets into their place and passes presents around the table while Party Mom controls the action holding her imaginary DVR remote calling out random commands; pause, reverse, fast forward.  Everyone participates in the action until all the presents are open.  

The Party Hero makes a point of saying something positive about each present.   “Wow, I’ve always wanted one of those when I was kid.”  This assures nervous guests that their present is a good one.  Kids feel a happy relief that their present is a hit and enjoy the recognition for bringing such a great present.  Party guests have been instructed to quickly scoop up the wrapping paper, pass it around the table and slam-dunk it through the basketball hoop into the trash bag below while the Party Hero places the cards and presents into a colorful balloon present bag.  

The Birthday Child Surprise

  • Birthday Surprise Concept White Sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/Video
  • Resource List

Unexpected surprises are powerful memory builders.   When exclusive to your party program and highlights the birthday child, it creates secret envy that all kids desire and drives future parties.

The birthday surprise is the grand finale of the party and should be extra special for the birthday child.  The activity is designed to be exclusive and exciting, where the VIP of the day (the birthday child) gets to shine in front of all his/her guests.  It’s a moment of the party, where all the guests wish it were their birthday party, so they too can get all this special attention.

The birthday surprise is an outstanding marketing tool. When one of the party guests asks your Party Host … “When is it my turn?”  Their response…”Oh, no…this activity is reserved ONLY for the birthday child today, but when you have your birthday here, you’ll be the only one to get a turn.”   

The tangible elements or the birthday surprise are the initial thrill, but its how you highlight the birthday child amongst all their friends and your enthusiasm when they win, that makes it memorable.

Examples of a birthday surprise event – birthday money (ticket) cube, exclusive crane game or Big Bass wheel multiplier.

Module 3 Bundle Package

  • Creating Profitable Party Packages Module
  • Party/Event Staging Concept Module
  • Making It Personal Module
  • Cupcakes & Present Presentation Module
  • Party Host Interactions Module
  • Party Team Visualization Module
  • Party Magic / Balloon Hats Module
  • Party Room Games Module
  • Birthday Child Surprise Module
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