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“This is not for someone who’s looking for another version of an inflatable rental concept.” F. Price Birthday University

The “New Normal” adjustment for indoor Amusement businesses will be felt hardest in Summertime when there is a natural revenue slow down. This year you will feel it more than ever. Why not take your entertainment expertise mobile, where there are open spaces and a larger market wanting to still have interactive fun events. Done right, family entertainment businesses can capture summer revenue in markets not available to them in the past. The time to take action is now.

What makes this concept different? It’s the human experience and NOT a rental concept. Rental concepts are and have been a commoditized representation of this business for quite some time. Even relatively new concepts like foam parties become commodity rental equipment based on price, as the barrier to entry to buy is low. When your offering is about the human experience and not about the attractions, you cater to a more sophisticated client, who’s definition of value is not how much you get or how cheap it is, but how unique and worthy of their time and money.

Selling Experince

When selling an experience, the attractions are what coaches use to enhance the delivery and their unique brand of fun. It becomes the stage and props for how they interact and facilitate the “fun show” they create. 2Go Mobile brand tag lines are …

  • We stay and play.
  • We deliver, set up, supervise and keep the fun rolling from start to finish.
  • Our coaches facilitate the FUN with a passionate goal of interaction while playing. Each party or event is uniquely different based on the personality of the coaches.
  • We get everyone involved, giving adults the choice: let the kids be immersed and entertained in a safe and fun way, so they can socialize with other adults or choose to be involved with their kids interacting as a family.
  • With our backyard parties, it’s our passion to ensure the birthday child is the center of attention and feels special.

2Go Mobile includes:

  1. Company picnics / holiday events / mini “Pop” up festivals
  2. School carnivals and field days.
  3. Church events and fundraisers
  4. Backyard parties and family events

The typical successful 2Go mobile revenue mix is 80% company / community events, church groups / schools and 20% backyard birthday parties. There are two mobile outdoor markets that can be combined to appeal or enhance an indoor party business, bowling hybrid, or family entertainment business.

  1. Mobile Events I – Families with kids ages 2yrs – 10 years. Corporate “family included” events, children’s birthday parties, school church carnivals.
  2. Mobile Events II adults & families with kids ages 7years plus. The corporate family included events, millennial and team building events, Community festivals, high school, college events, birthday parties, school church carnivals

2Go Mobile Attraction Options:

Small inflatable package, foam party machine, tactical laser tag (basic package), interactive games, water games, parachute games, archery tag and carnival games. Yet the key to the most successful and profitable mobile businesses, are neither the attractions nor the equipment, but the human interaction. The unique personality and interactive abilities or your party coach, are the difference.

  • Wet/Dry inflatable package (3 medium, 1 small)
  • Foam machine (with or without inflatable
  • Tactical outdoor laser tag and 10-12 bunkers (Nerf optional)
  • Kidsports – interactive games – tag, relays, picnic, parachute, water games
  • Oversized sport games
  • Carnival games (with prizes)
  • Water games – squirt guns, water related game props
  • Archery tag
  • Foam (sword) combat
  • Optional Add-ons
    • Carnival add-ons – Face paint, balloon animals, tattoos, popcorn / cotton candy rental
    • Toddler zone – inflatable, movable obstacle course mini combo inflatable
    • Cupcake mountain experience

Company Events (at their location)

Family recreation and active entertainment facilitated by “Professional” play coaches, who create age-appropriate fun, with unique interactive attractions, play equipment, props, and games, that travel to a company’s picnic or special celebration location. 2go mobile is different from traditional amusement rental services, where one way interaction with the play equipment occurs. What makes 2go Mobile unique is the enhanced play value the coaches bring. They engage the children in two-way play interaction, using the attractions, play equipment, and props to enhance and personalize the experience. The fun includes a variety of attractions set up in rotating stations, including age-appropriate games, goofy relays, water games, and carnival-style fun.

Community and Carnival Events (Churches, Schools, Block Parties)

There are plenty of opportunities for your Mobile business to fill the local community need for quality entertainment at their location. School field days used as a rewards program at the end of the school year. Project graduation and school club activities. PTA’s, scout troops, youth sports leagues or other children’s not-for-profit groups are always looking for fund-raising ideas and something to entertain the families and kids. Family-oriented organizations or businesses such as churches, daycares, and homeschoolorganizations are looking for unique quality field trips to come to them. Charitable events are excellent opportunities for invaluable community goodwill and image enhancement. Children or family-oriented expo’s held annually in convention centers or large auditoriums can be a marketing effort or another source of revenue. Local businesses partnered with TV or radio promoting tent sales, mini fairs or sponsored festivals love the energy your 2Go will add.

Mobile Home Parties

Mobile backyard home parties include a variety of birthday party fun, combining various unique game props, and energetic coaches who lead and join in active party games and activities. This entertainment will take place outside the birthday child’s home, (or other designated location) and can be personalized to meet the needs of each individual location and child.

Cupcake Mountain

As an add-on option, include the Cupcake Mountain experience. Bring; organize the party celebration time at the house with cupcakes, candy toppings and birthday magic. Play a few games while eating and give Moms a break to socialize with other adults.

Your company name 2Go

Mobile entertainment adds new revenue to your business, by offering more variety and continuing to define your unique way of doing business. There is a high demand for mobile entertainment in the corporate, festival, school, and church-sponsored event market. Mobile entertainment activities for children, teens, and adults are currently in demand and now more than ever with the inevitable new normal. FL Price will replace the guesswork, equipment mistakes, and marketing blunders with proven written systems and process manuals, for operation, hiring, sales, marketing, game programming, and the best equipment and prop resources.

2Go Mobile Concept inclusions:

(Business development, Process Manuals and Training)

  • Mobile business timeline and seasonal milestones
  • Mobile Experience Journey Path
  • Event & Party Coach – recruiting – hiring – training – retaining system
  • Performance agreement (template)
  • Marketing / sales timeline / sales collateral templates available
    • Marketing / sales path
    • Booking script
  • Package / price recommendations\

Parties / Events 2yrs – 10 yrs. Corporate Events, Children’s Parties, and Carnivals
Events 7yrs + Corporate Events – Outdoor laser tag – Corporate, School events, Children’s Parties, and Mobile events process and training manual

  • Company picnic manual
  • Backyard birthday party manual (ages 3yrs – 10yrs)
  • Community events / carnival manual
  • Backyard Army birthday party manual
    • 4 outdoor mission / scenario games
    • Water tag party manual games (ages 6yrs – 12yrs)
  • Corporate Laser tag Team building event manual
  • Outdoor Kidsport games manual (ages 3-5yrs & 6-10yrs)

Marketing manual / calendar / marketing samples/ letters

  • Mobile marketing calendar
  • Recommendations: website design, graphics artist and design.

Equipment recommendations

  • Foam machine, the inflatable package (wet / dry), tactical laser tag, Nerf tag, tactical bunkers, archery tag, foam combat, carnival games, Kidsports – game props, magic
  • Business Development virtual phone/internet development
  • Virtual online training

**Optional FL Price site team training – 2 days Business and front line party / coach training

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