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Elevating Your Guest Experience by Creating a “People” Attraction “Win Their Hearts … and Their Wallets Will Follow!

Guest Experience Training

Experience amusement destinations are designed and developed to meet the demand of today’s emerging sophisticated consumer and a new generation of family with an all new “Value” definition.   Experience driven businesses discover and communicate their culture, delivery and experience goals to match precisely what their marketplace is seeking.  Experience pioneers are focused on creating a unique brand, which reflects the personality and temperament of their market, while incorporating the guest’s emotional values, to give each visit relevant meaning.  The transformation occurs as guest’s perception of how it was performed, exceeds their expectation, surprises them and makes them feel like it was all just for them.  “People” are the only way to connect humans to their emotions to give their experience greater meaning.  Tangible attractions are necessary, but only as the stage where human interaction happens and should be used as another tool to help create better relationships and personal interaction to justify their time and money spent. 

Is your amusement business attraction centric, meaning the attractions are the main reason for guests to visit?  Does your organization focus on the business transaction and service tasks to be completed or human interactions and the purpose to serve?  If you focus on tasks, you’ll likely get those tasks done and be at best average, like everyone else, but not much more.  If instead you focus on purpose, human relationships and accomplish the service tasks at the same time, magical things will happen.  Amusement businesses stand out and succeed because they have clearly defined and lived a service message, while connecting with their guests through personalized, meaningful interaction and present its base service in an emotionally engaging way.

ROI of Guest Experience

The Temkin Group did a study of over 10,000 US consumers describing both their experiences with and their loyalty to different companies.  The correlation between Guest Experience and repurchasing is very high (R= 0.82) Guest experience is made up of three components – successeffort, and emotion. While all three elements impact guest loyalty, an improvement in emotion drives the most significant increase in loyalty.

FL Price Ongoing Guest Experience Training Tool

  • Culture and desired guest experience standards are developed and written and transposed into
  • Owners/Management sets guest experience expectation and training logistics – new hire training, ongoing training (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) formal or informal.
  • Supervisors or Jedi leads executes the training sessions and are held accountable.
  • “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.” New skill habits are built with 300 repetitions, in a 66-day period of time. 
  • The training library of recorded modules is available 24/7, as well as the links to the practice files.
  • Training can be formal classroom setting, floor coaching/role play, or mobile digital with mini practice groups.

FL Price Online Streaming Front Line Guest Experience Modules $150 per month

The Experience Academy 2.5 day agenda

Upcoming Experience Academy Workshops

Atlanta, GA

August 23-25, 2022

The Experience Academy
$399 for the first Student
$200 per additional person.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Buford

If you have more than three students you would like to enroll,
please call (919) 387-1966.

Orlando, FL 2023

Dates: TBA

The Experience Academy
$399 for the first Student
$200 per additional person.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Orlando

If you have more than three students you would like to enroll,
please call (919) 387-1966.

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