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Put everything you’ve just learned, into action.  Take the “Next Steps”.

BU Next Steps

Congratulations, you’ve acquired the knowledge to grow and evolve your party business to be relevant to today’s sophisticated market demand. Unfortunately, the percentages of people, who attend workshops, learn, get excited and then stay the same, are high.  Have the courage to take the next steps. 

At BU you discovered that birthday parties are pure emotion.  This once-a-year event in the lives of families is meant to celebrate, highlight and make the VIP feel special.  When everything lines up just right everyone feels and knows the difference, even if only subconsciously.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.   When something goes wrong, emotions run high.  It’s time to re-engineer your party concept to facilitate and ensure these positive emotions surface while eliminating the negative emotions from surfacing.  The long-lasting memory created on this day, positive or negative will in turn fuel a word-of-mouth buzz that elevates your brand as the party of choice.   Here lies the hidden success or failure of your party program.  Does the Party Host stay with the group for the entire party and is it their “Passion” to ensure the party child is the center of attention and feels special?

Average is no longer a viable business model.  If you blend in today’s market with your competitor, as just another party commodity, price and location will dictate the choice.  Because population and value definition has changed, higher volume and a lower price-competitive strategy is a doomed formula.  It’s time to evolve.   Choose a contrarian party strategy, meaning the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  Commit and live it, without a waiver.  More importantly, stay out of the middle.  Trying to be “Something” to everyone makes you “Nothing” to no one!

Start your contrarian party program by taking the next steps, customizing, and writing your very own program unique to you.   Your creative team can craft their own unique proprietary party program and process manuals that will enable you to achieve a unique, profitable experience destination party program.

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